Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa

IFCO offers two kinds of workshops: the comprehensive Hands-on-Film Workshop Series and our focussed workshops. These workshops train future filmmakers on the technical core aspects of filmmaking, and are also an effective way for aspiring independent filmmakers to meet others who are active in the local filmmaking community. Many workshop participants go on to help one another with their films.

CELEBRATE 25 YEARS ON THE SILVER SCREEN - HELP IFCO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY MAKING A DONATION. READ ANYA'S STORY: "As an artist and filmmaker, I will be forever thankful to the opportunities afforded to me by IFCO. I am a better filmmaker because of IFCO and I would like to tell you why."

FILMMAKER EH! is IFCO’s exciting mobile application for indie filmmakers, with a comprehensive directory listing of filmmaking resources. This mobile application is especially tailored for aspiring CANUCK filmmakers on the GO! Available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, the mobile application provides continuously updated information about a variety of independent emulsion filmmaking resources.

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