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Celebrate 25 Years on the Silver Screen with IFCO Stories Featuring Anya Vanderlaan

Dear IFCO supporter,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anya Vanderlaan and I am a film studies student at the University of Ottawa. As an artist and filmmaker, I will be forever thankful to the opportunities afforded to me by IFCO. I am a better filmmaker because of IFCO and I would like to tell you why.

Most contemporary filmmakers rely on a digital medium to tell their stories. Digital is an accessible, easy and cost effective way to tell a story. However, I believe all filmmakers improve their craft by having at least some experience with the techniques involved in analogue filmmaking. At IFCO, I had the incredible experience of working with in-camera editing. The in-camera editing process demands that the filmmaker view the scene creation process in a more macro environment. These editing techniques force you to take a more holistic approach to scene development. I felt I was really able to capture the moment in a way that would be elusive with digital. In addition, IFCO allowed me to hone practical skills such as lighting, special effects and lens choice, that I would otherwise have had to read about in books.

Film is also very important from a historical and artistic aspect in two distinct ways. The history of film is all analogue. It would be a shame if this type of filmmaking was only accessible to future students in books. Film heritage and history is as important as any other type of heritage. Secondly, many aspects of Ottawa as the national capital are preserved on film; it is important to have this, and to have the resources to preserve this for future generations.

Not only has IFCO provided me with opportunities that I would not have otherwise had, it has always made me feel valued and welcomed. It is a very safe space for young artists. It’s fun to be able to learn about other filmmakers. IFCO has created a real collegial atmosphere that fosters collaboration and success.

IFCO will definitely be a part of my future. As an artist and an aspiring teacher, I hope to have the opportunity to encourage my future students to take advantage of the rich experience that IFCO offers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Any contribution you can make to IFCO would be greatly appreciated by myself, and future filmmakers.


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