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IFCO Sponsorship Opportunities

IFCO, its members – and the arts community at large – live, work and thrive in highly creative environments where free-expression, individuality and imagination surpasses everything else. What matters is passion for storytelling, and this energy is both pervasive and evident at IFCO’s film screenings, workshops and during the filmmaking process itself, so this is an exciting opportunity for your business to present its own story. By supporting IFCO’s various initiatives, hidden qualities of your company is also brought into the forefront.

Is your product (brand) unique?

There are plenty of sponsorship opportunities around, but few let you demonstrate your product or service’s true character, in action, in a world of wonder and imagination.  IFCO produces innovative and unique promotional print and online material, and also conducts live events with captive audiences that are typically covered by the local media. Your brand is different, so let it be known by becoming an IFCO sponsor!

Pick the type of sponsorship that works for you

Whichever level you choose, IFCO will treat your brand with great respect and do everything possible to maximize its exposure to our National Capital Region audience.

  1. 35mm. Sponsor IFCO itself, along with select ongoing programs, and get the widest possible exposure.
  2. 16mm. Sponsor a specific IFCO program or workshop, and let your presence be known.
  3. Super 8mm. Become a Super 8mm special event gift sponsor.

Tangible results

IFCO proudly displays its sponsors’ brand/logos on its website, in various online communications, member mailings, programs, itineraries, posters and flyers, the Sprockets newszine – and during film screenings at the National Library and Archives, ByTowne Cinema and other venues which appeal to engaged and dynamic audiences.

Depending on your level of involvement, you can expect these tangible results:

·         A cost-efficient means of promotion to the National Capital Region arts community

·         An opportunity to associate your brand with an environment that is creative and free-spirited

·         A chance to demonstrate your product or service’s own unique qualities

·         An avenue to show good corporate citizenry by supporting the local arts community

·         Download IFCO Sponsorship Opportunities PDF

Shine a light and promote yourself with IFCO

IFCO thinks of sponsorship as a mutually-beneficial three-way relationship. Your company/organization gets to promote itself and its brand, IFCO earns your greatly appreciated financial support, filmmakers’ creativity is fostered allowing for the increased creation of great independent works of art.

You do have a great story to tell, so contact IFCO and we’ll tell it together!

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